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Olsson's Premium Fine Fast Dissolving Salt

Olsson's Premium Fine Fast Dissolving Salt
A high quality salt that dissolves quickly when added to your pool and avoids staining caused by some other salts
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Olsson's Premium Fine Fast Dissolving Salt is a high quality salt for use in swimming pools. This salt has refined to a very high grade, removing impurities such as metals that could otherwise cause staining to your pool surface, or result in cloudy water.

Active Constituents:

Sodium Chloride (NaCl)

Directions for use:

Test water salinity and calculate the required amount for your pool. 1 gram in 1000L of water will raise the salt level by 1ppm

Before adding salt to pool ensure chlorine generator is switched off

Add salt directly to pool. DO NOT add via skimmer box

Brush until dissolved

General Information:

How to calculate required salt:

(Desired/Ideal Salt Level in ppm - Current Salt Level in ppm) * (Pool Volume in Litres/1000L) = Amount Required in grams

If Ideal Salt Level = 5000ppm

Current Salt Level = 3500ppm

Pool Volume = 50,000L

(5000-3500)*(50000/1000) = 1500*50 = 75,000g or 75kg

  • High quality refined salt - impurities removed
  • Fast dissolving. If added slowly usually dissolves before reaching the bottom of the pool
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