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Other Services

Other services we offer

Pool Induction Service

$33 with regular service sign up
$66 for comprehensive instructions and email summary

New to owning a pool? Don't know where to start? Get in touch with us and we'll book a time that suits you to go through the basics of owning and maintaining a pool.

Hourly rate services

Unless otherwise stated the following services are available at a standard hourly rate plus parts and/or chemicals.

Green pool fix up

Clean up of any pool that has recently turned green. There are a few options for treatment and the cause of the problem will sometimes dictate how we treat it.

Suction Cleaner adjustments and diagnosis

We specialise in Kreepy Krauly servicing and repairs but can service and repair most major brands and models of suction cleaner.

Robotic Cleaner Repairs

For mechanical repairs we are able to fix many robotic cleaners on site. If the problem is located in the electronics of the device we will take it away for diagnostics and repairs. The standard quote fee for a robotic cleaner is $70.00

Pump Repairs

We can fix most pump problems or advise you when it is not worth fixing. Blocked impellers, corrosion treatments, bearings, seals, and capacitors are among our most common repairs.

Chlorinator Repairs

Some chlorinator repairs can be diagnosed and fixed on site others need to be taken away for assessment. If we are required to take the chlorinator away for analysis, quote and repair our standard quote fee is $44.00. Our standard quote fee includes local call out, removal and refit, temporary capping of the cell housing, and temporary installation of a timer so that you can continue to run your filtration system while the chlorinator is being quoted and repaired.

Filter Repairs

Whether it is a leak in the multi-port valve, a broken pressure gauge or a cracked pipe we can fix it for you.

Sand/Media Change for Filters

Media changes take several hours and require varying amounts of media. We can provide you with an estimate or a fixed price quote either by visiting the site (call out fee applies) or you can send us photos and information about the site and the filter.

Pool Diagnosis

Not sure what is wrong with your pool? Don't worry we can come out and take a look over everything to diagnose the the source of the problem. We can fix most problems ourselves, but if we can't we'll get you in touch with someone that can.