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Service Levels

Pool Services

Our pool services come in a variety of types and levels to suit your needs and budget. Below you will find our most popular cleaning and maintenance services and a brief explanation of what is included in each. For instructional services, repairs and other services check out our other services page. We also offer regular services at discounted prices. Details on our regular services page.

Pool Cleaning & Maintenance Services

For comprehensive pool care Pool Geeks Brisbane recommends our Premium Services. These go above and beyond to ensure your pool is always looking fantastic. For an service in line with the rest of the industry a Full Service will take care of your needs.

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Prices subject to change without notice. All our services are invoiced by email or require payment on site.

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Premium Service

A premium service adds that extra level of care. With a premium service your pool will be crystal clear and we take the necessary time to ensure everything is in working order.

Available at a discounted price if booked in regularly.

$95 + Chemicals & Parts

Covering you for a full 80 minutes this service level is perfect for most residential pools.

$140 + Chemicals & Parts

If you have a troublesome pool this is the service for you. The Gold service covers up to a whopping 130 minutes to get your pool looking amazing and the equipment working at its peak.

Full Service

For an all round pool clean and maintenance service. The full service includes a water test, chemical addition, & filter clean. As necessary we also net debris, vacuum, and brush the walls and floor.

Backwash/Cartridge style filters
$82 + Chemicals & Parts

Services up to 60 minutes. Most pools fit into this category

Strip 'n' Clean
$100 + Chemicals & Parts

Services up to 80 minutes. For pools with a DE Filter. 

...or check out our regular services to save up to 25%

Test & Treat Service

For those who want to save money or who take care of the pool themselves but want professional assistance to keep things in peak condition. This service takes care of all the chemicals, baskets and includes a quick check up of the pool equipment to make sure things are running smoothly.

Standard Filter Clean Included
$65 + Parts & Chemicals

This level includes a backwash or cleaning of a cartridge element/s

Filter Clean Excluded
$55 + Parts & Chemicals

For those who are happy to look after the filter cleaning themselves

Mini Test & Treat Service

$40.00 + Parts & Chemicals

A minor chemical check & balancing service from a professional. This service is a mini version of the test and treat service and is restricted to checking and balancing chemicals in the pool.

Water Test Service

$22.00 + Parts & Chemicals

For those who are happy to look after the pool themselves but want instructions from a professional. As part of this service you will receive an email outlining how to maintain your pool.